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Prices and Conditions

Objectica is intellectual property of the company "Symbols & Numbers". The software was developped in Mathematica 5.0 as an addon package for Mathematica and was also tested in version 6.0.

The license model is based on a price in Germany for a full license currently of 840 Euro plus taxes. The license prices include support and updates during the first year (students excluded).

Student licenses must be renewed every two years.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Stephan Leibbrandt
Symbols and Numbers • Mathematische Software GbR

Ringstraße 100
D-52078 Aachen
Tel +49 (0)241 566 08 28
Fax +49 (0)241 566 08 27
E-Mail EMail Sales


Steps to obtain a limited test version:

  • evaluate $MachineID in Mathematica in an "Input"-Cell
  • send us the result dddd-ddddd-ddddd (d: digit) and your licence-ID Ldddd-dddd of Mathematica in a request for a test version
  • license files are stored in the "Licensing"-directory of the Mathematica-package, are plain text files and must not be changed
Editorial/Data Protection • page checked on Dec. 4th 2006
Number of
Full Licenses
usage for
Industry Departmenton requesttyp. 30 computers
Industry Single-User12 computers
Educational1all staff (max. 30 computers) and students
University Professorship2/3all staff (max. 30 computers)
University Single-User1/3-
Student Single-User1/30-


Services and Updates:

Price (tax excluded)
Support and updates for current license
(except student license)
1/3 of license per year
Update after one year1/3 of license
Update after two years2/3 of license
(expenses not included)
1 day 1000 Euro
2 days 1600 Euro
Hourly Rate50 Euro