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Properties of Objectica


  • Objectica benefits from all von allen advantages of object orientation
    • abstract datatypes
      behavior and state are in the same object, a kind of "intelligence"
    • encapsulation
      only the necessary information is made public
    • inheritance
      extreme recycling of functionality
    • polymorphism
      beahavior automatically takes into account the type of an object
  • Recourse to developments made for object oriented languages
    • design patterns
      phrasing on a higher abstraction level (book: Design Patterns by Gamma)
    • UML
      design of class diagrams
  • Structuring allows big projects and teamwork
  • Easy communication with developers of other object oriented languages
Editorial/Data Protection • page checked on Dec. 4th 2006

Scope of Supply

  • Generation and administration of classes and objects
  • Deployment of classes together with a limited runtime environment
  • All main concepts of Java and C# are implemented
  • There are additional concepts like abstract static fields
  • Objectica is easy to learn, because the syntax is very similar to Java
  • Object access is fast (typically well below a millisecond)
  • Functions to protect classes allow development of commercial libraries
  • Many consistency checks facilitate the development process
  • User`s guide and many examples for all functions also allow intermittent work
  • Trial version available