Pixii SP800 first look: Newcomers plan to launch Britain’s first electric boat

A trio of British entrepreneurs hopes to establish Pixii electric boats as the Tesla of the marine world.

Its first offering will be a 25ft sportsboat called the Pixii SP800 with a claimed top speed of 40 knots and a quoted range of more than 100nm at 14 knots.

The key to these bold claims is a tough but lightweight aluminium hull paired with efficient waterjet drives, brushless electric motors and an unusually high battery capacity totalling 150kWh.

Pixii hasn’t yet confirmed the source of the batteries for its electric boat but they are thought to be reconditioned second-life batteries recovered from cars and adapted for marine use – Teslas would be the obvious choice.

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Early renderings show a sharp-looking open craft with a reverse bow and a sociable layout that includes a dinette forward and four forward facing seats behind a centre console.

The aft cockpit is shaded by a central T-Top and includes a pair of storage units that could house a fridge, grill or sink.

One of the most unusual features is a remote-control anchoring system that allows the owner to nose up to the beach, disembark the crew then drive the boat back out to deeper waters and lower the anchor, all by remote control.

The process can then be reversed to pick up the owner and their guests when the time comes to leave.


Innovations include a remote control driving and anchoring system to deposit and pick guests up from the beach

It’s a bold idea that may take a bit of selling to owners and insurers but if proved to be safe and reliable will solve the age old problem of either having to swim ashore or carry a tender on a boat with limited storage space.

The first Pixii SP800 has already been ordered with the build of the hull due to start at MWI Services on the Isle of Wight in spring 2021. The drivetrain and fit out will be handled by WQI Marine in Poole.

Prices start at a competitive £114,000 inc VAT for the basic hull and single motor package. A fully equipped twin motor version pushes that up to nearer £200,000 inc VAT.


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