Viggo C10 Offshore sea trial review: The toughest, fastest, go-anywhere boat we’ve ever tested

If you want to get from A to B quickly, safely and in almost any weather, this 60-knot adventure boat is in league of its own. Hugo Andreae takes a test drive of the Viggo C10 Offshore...

The second you set eyes on the Viggo C10, it’s evident that this is not your typical sportscruiser. From its untreated aluminium construction to its slender deep-vee hull and spartan facilities, it seems to defy just about every design trend going.

That’s because Viggo is not particularly fussed about anything as ephemeral as design trends, its primary interest is in building boats that get you from A to B quickly, safely, reliably and comfortably year after year with the minimum of fuss and whatever the weather. Everything else takes second billing, even cost.

It’s a brave call in a marketplace that seems to prioritise luxury, space and bang for buck over almost everything else, but Viggo isn’t chasing mass market numbers. It only builds around 30 craft a year at its facility in Öregrund, Sweden, and each one is hand made to order.

The vast majority of those orders are for the 27ft Viggo X8 and Viggo C8 models. The 36ft Viggo C10 Offshore is an altogether rarer beast, not least because it takes 2,700 man hours to build, and costs around £484,000 inc VAT for a sensibly specced model with twin 300hp Mercury V8 outboards.

For the full experience, however, you need to upgrade to twin 400hp or even 500hp supercharged V10 outboards. One thousand horsepower is a lot of grunt in a boat weighing just 4,500kg – almost three tonnes less than a Wellcraft 355 – but if any boat can handle it the Viggo C10 can.

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Our test boat is actually 18 months old (a testament to how well it ages) and therefore has the slightly older 450R V8s for a combined output of a ‘mere’ 900hp!

The Viggo C10 may not be particularly trendy, but it still looks deeply cool. With its long, pointy bow, reverse-angled windscreen and flush-fitting reinforced glass windows held in place by black powder coated mullions, it has a quasi-military air about it that the unfaired aluminium topsides and heavy duty rubber fendering only serve to enhance.

If you spotted one of these sneaking out of Poole Harbour, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was on an SBS training mission.

Read Hugo’s full review of the Viggo C10 Offshore in the December 2023 issue of MBY, which is out now.

Viggo C10 Offshore specifications

LOA: 35ft 11in (10.95m)
Beam: 9ft 8in (2.95m)
Draft: 2ft 7in (0.8m)
Displacement: 4,500kg
Fuel capacity: 885 litres
Test engines: Twin 450hp Mercury Verado outboards
Top speed on test: 60.1 knots
Fuel consumption: 68lph @ 23 knots
Cruising range: 232nm @ 23 knots
Noise: 70 d(B)A @ 20 knots
RCD category: B for 10 people
Starting price: £435,720 (inc VAT and 2 x 300hp outboards)
Price as tested: £550,000 (inc. VAT)


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