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Objectica: a Mathematica®-Package for Object Orientation

Why Objectica ?

It connects Mathematica users to the world of object orientation as well as it connects the object orientation to the world of Mathematica.

Multi Tier Model


Special Features

  • simple Java-like syntax

  • fast access to defined classes and objects
    comfortable syntax- und consistency-checks

  • effective protection of commercial libraries against inquisitorial looks

  • polymorphism optionally also for static class members
    abstract class fields

  • every functionality is documented in many examples

Some Functions

classes Class, Interface, Object, This, Super, SubClasses, Finalize, Export
objects Objects, ObjectInitializations, RemoveObjectsOfClass
access Dot, Public, Protected, Private, Static, Property, Constant, Mutable
inheritance Override, Virtual, Real, Abstract, Final
type ObjectQ, ClassQ, InterfaceQ, InstanceOf, TypeOf
administration ClassSymbols, ClassInformation, ClassModifiers, $ObjectNumber, $ClassNumber
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